Arie den Dulk: A retiree residing in The Hague, The Netherlands, and president of the Jim Reeves Fan Club since 1975, Arie has shared with me many insights, tips and leads from his personal knowledge, archives, travels, Country music collection and extensive network.

Carolyn Babin*: Now retired in Waskom, Tex., from her radio career, Carolyn shared the portrait of mother that’s on this website’s home page. I’d never seen the portrait. Mother had given it to her when Carolyn was in Texarkana with Tommy Trent in 1952 to visit mom.

Bruce Raben: With a burst of motivation that can come only from a friend and top sports journalist-turned-advertising/PR consultant (owns ADvice in Fort Worth, Tex.), Bruce inspired me in the spring of 2011 to finally begin research into mother’s Country music career, making this website possible.

Alton Warwick: Owner with his wife, Maggie, of the Louisiana Hayride and loved by artists and fans around the world, Alton has been gracious and generous with his availability to help me with my research efforts from his office in Shreveport, La., sharing his network and resources in welcoming ways.

And with deep appreciation to …

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Gene Carpenter, Genoa, Ark.

Lucille Collins, Texarkana

Bill Crane, Alpharetta, Ga.

Pat Cupp, Texarkana

Andi Darby, townsquaremedia, Texarkana 

Edie Foy, Shreveport

Virginia Franks, Shreveport

Scott Gray, Texarkana

Gerald Guffey, Ashdown, Ark.

Chuck Hancock, Sandersville, Ga.

Tammy Helm, UMPG

Jeanette Hicks, Texarkana *

Pat Higdon, Nashville

Wayne Hill, Madison, Ga.

Jonathan Holt, Sony/ATV

Shirley Jinkins, Star-Telegram

Ellen Johnston, Georgia State University

Red Jones, Georgia Radio Hall of Fame

Claude King, Shreveport *

Michael Kosser, author

Tracey Laird, author

Michael Luster, Mammoth Springs

Nita Lynn, Shreveport

Marty Martel, Nashville

Dru-Ann Merriman, Texarkana College

Miller County Clerk’s Office, Texarkana

Les Minor, Texarkana Gazette

Roy and Sally Murphy, Shreveport 

Dominique Anglares: An untiring source of information and documentation, Dominque, an accountant who resides near Paris, France, has shared with me many details from his personal archives, his encyclopedic knowledge of Country music and music collections.

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Special Thanks

Don Davis, Shreveport

Doug Davis, Texarkana

Tim Davis, CMHF

Jimmy & Mona Dickens, Nashville

Jess Draper, ASCAP

Elaine Etheridge, KWKH

Brian and Mary Fels, Arlington, TX 

Mark Ford, NSAI 

Robert Oermann, author

Frank Page, Shreveport *

Gerilynn Pearce, UMPG, Nashville

Tom Perryman, KKUS, Tyler

Robert Philpot, Star-Telegram

Jim Presley, author

Felton Pruitt, Shreveport

John Rex Reeves, Houston area

Carrie Moore-Reed, Third Coast Talent

Jay Riley * and Jetta Riley, Sacramento

Peter Roberts, Georgia State University

John Rumble, CMHF

Maxine Brown Russell, Nashville

Larry Shannon, Texas Radio Hall of Fame

Dave Sichak, Modesto

Bob Sullivan, Oklahoma *


Paul Sturiale, Kameshia Massey 

Sonny Trammel, Shreveport

Al Turnage, Texarkana

Tina Wright, CMHF



Jim Evans*: A fellow Texarkana native, Jim pulls a wealth of memories from vast experience as a steel guitarist for the Louisiana Hayride and many artists and from his development of the famed Evans amplifier. He knew mother well and has served as my No. 1 source for much of what I’ve learned about her.

Don Logan: Retired from radio, including stints at KEEL in Shreveport and KCUL in Fort Worth, Don provided many perspectives. Formerly Paula Records’ vice president/national sales, he resides in Bossier City, La. With his help, I was able to tour the fabled Municipal Auditorium, backstage and onstage – places my mother knew well.

Ricky House: My brother, found the few remaining documents that mother had not burned, including some lyrics, song contracts and other materials. He has shared them, personal memories and guidance for this website.  Ricky resides in San Jose, Calif., with his wife, Cheryl, and her daughter, Jenny Handa.

Andra Bennett: My wife, soulmate and fellow journalist (OK, she’s an accredited PR practitioner, but she thinks like journalists and would’ve been a great one). I couldn’t have taken on this project without her encouragement, patience, understanding and appreciation of how important it is to care about family.