Probably around 1952, Red Sovine gave Jewell's family a beautiful collie named Sam. He was a show dog, mom and dad said, but Red was gone so much that he didn’t have enough time to spend with Sam. My brother and I loved Sam. He was the biggest dog we’d ever had, and he loved to run and play with us. Sam was an “outside” dog and wasn’t allowed in the house. I wish he could have been.

Late one night, my brother and I were awakened by a loud “boom” and the sound of dad jumping out of bed and running to the front door. Dad was a policeman in a rough town, and he had enemies as did other law enforcement officers. Evidently, one of those enemies had driven past and fired at our house.

The next morning, dad had sorrowful news for us. Sam apparently had been in the front yard that night and had been hit by a shotgun blast. He was gone. I don’t know whether dad ever caught the coward, but I hope karma did.

Sam the Collie loved romps with Jewell's son Ricky, left, and his cousin Chuck Hancock who has become a star songwriter and performer in the Country and Gospel music fields.