Whenever an artist, or an artist with band members in tow, would visit mother at our house, a spirited jam session was inevitable. Amplifiers would be plugged in (and volume turned down), guitars tuned and then the songs and joy flowed. Neighbors never complained, as far as I know. They got a free concert after all.

My brother and I were small, but we made a good audience. We’d applaud after each song, “Sing that again,” we’d shout. Our ears were ringing, but we didn’t care.

I remember one jam session in particular. Red Sovine and his band were at the house. As they played, I noticed how his fair-skinned steel guitarist Shot Jackson would smile and blush deeply when Red would call on him for a solo. That was the first time I’d noticed someone blushing. I was fascinated with how a person’s facial color could change so fast.

After that, whenever we are at a Red Sovine show and Red would introduce Shot's solos, I’d watch to see whether he blushed. He always did.